Name Change in 2016

Name Change in 2016

The Senior Men’s Club of New Canaan was established almost forty years ago to cater for the interests of resident men 55 years and older. It was originally formed as a program of the YMCA and till maintains a link with this organization.

On Friday, February 12, 2016, the membership voted overwhelmingly in favor of changing the name of the organization as well as its membership requirements. It will in future be known as The New Canaan Men’s Club and membership will be extended to residents of neighboring towns as long they are proposed by a resident member and seconded by another member.

It is felt that the inclusion of “Senior” in the name of the club discouraged younger still professionally active men, from joining. Neighboring clubs have either discarded or never had the senior” tag. Overall “The New Canaan Men’s Club” more accurately reflects the many facetted and active nature of the club, both in community service and pursuits such as tennis, paddle and biking. The club already has several non-New Canaan resident members, including Board members, who retained their membership after they have moved from New Canaan. Under current rules members who live out of town can retain their membership if they so desire.

There are several members who have indicated that they have friends in neighboring towns who would make a valuable contribution to the club. The majority of the men’s clubs in neighboring towns ccept non-residents. The President of the club, Les de Villiers, sees these changes as a positive move towards building out what is already a vibrant organization into an even more meaningful entity.

“Change does not come easy, especially when you have an illustrious past dating back almost forty years,” he said. “But I do believe the founders under the leadership of Curry Ford would have approved were they alive today.”

“We are fortunate to have among our membership outstanding men who made their mark as leaders in a multitude of fields, some of whom are still professionally engaged and many of whom count among the most active volunteers in town. This club has certainly enriched my life as I am sure it did for many others.” “We are looking forward to broadening the scope of the newly named New Canaan Men’s Club.”