Upcoming Speakers

Upcoming NCMC Speakers

NCMC Meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. in Morrill Hall at St. Mark’s Church, 111 Oenoke Ridge (CT Route 124), New Canaan, CT

September 22 – Dr. Frank Sparks is a former general surgeon in New Canaan and a NC resident for 34 years. His topic will be How The Great Pyramid Was Really Constructed And It’s Probably Not How You Thought it Was. There’s evidence that the stones in the pyramid were made by Egyptians who tore the wet limestone apart, carried it to the pyramid in 50 lb. baskets and mixed it with chemicals and clay forms on site.

September 29 – John Rousmaniere is a writer, with 30 books on topics that include the America’s Cup, sailing history and technology, maritime safety, business and legal history, and the history of clubs (including the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Union League Club, and the NY Yacht Club). John will be talking about the past, present and future of the America’s Cup.

October 6 – Dr. Brian Luizzi, New Canaan Superintendent of Schools, will be talking about the “State of New Canaan Schools. He began his career as a teacher in Newtown High School, progressing through increasing adminstrative responsibilities until he became in 2011 the Principal of New Canaan High School. In 2014, he was named Superintendent of NC Schools. Throughout his professional career he has been involved in higher education at both the high school and college levels.

October 13 – Dr. Ofer Wellisch, MD, MPH, is Chief of Pain Management at Stanford Hospital. The subject of his talk will be “Opioids – The Good and the Bad”, involving both the positive medical power of opioids as well at their addictive properties when the drug is used improperly. After obtaining his MD at Sackler School of Medicine, he trained in Pain Management at Stanford University School of Medicine and continued as a researcher and educator at Stanford. He returned to the East Coast to a medical practice at Mt Sanai-Icahn School of Medicine.

October 20 – Clif McFeely, founder of Future 5, a membership based community, that he launched to help connect low income high school students to associate, identify and link with other people in their lives to help them move forward to their full potential leading to financial independence and productive citizenship. Since the founding, they have helped more than 500 students, and are currently working with 150+ students this year. The subject of the talk is “The Power of Connection”.

October 27 – Icy Frantz, a certified Alcohol and Drug counselor, will be joined by Alan Mathis, CEO of Libration Programs, one of Connecticut’s leading nonprofit providers of prevention and treatment services for people with substance abuse and mental health issues. They will spend time with us discussing the epidemic that is plaguing Fairfield County and our country. They will discuss the intimate details of addiction, the hope and joy of recovery and the possible solution for a healthier community.