Investment Club

Investment Club

investment-clubThis group meets to discuss financial subjects of interest to the participants. The discussions may have speakers or discussion by the members.

Monday, November 6th the club will provide a presentation by Jack Foster on “How to Buy Bonds”. The presentation will share with the unsophisticated investor criteria on how to evaluate bonds. The analysis is based on proper portfolio diversification and preservation of
capital and focuses on how to allocate assets, how to select investment funds and how to reduce management fees. Jack Foster (203-966-8804) or

Paul Strassmann’s Sept. 11th Presentation – Is New Canaan the “Promised Land”?

Paul Strassmann’s July 10th Presentation – Managing Portfolios During Recession

Hans Dijs’ May 1st Presentation – Retirement Trends

Hans Dijs’ Mar. 6th Presentation – Stock Market Trends and Expectations

Paul Strassmann’s Jan. 9th Presentation – Rebalancing Retirement Portfolio

Contact: Paul Strassmann (203-966-5505)